Thinking the Unthinkable

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4 January 2013 - 9:30am | posted by Jessica Davies | 1 comment Thinking the unthinkable: Six evolving technologies set to take the world by storm 45Share on email
Technological advancement once again gathered pace in the past year and looks unlikely to slow down in 2013 or beyond. Jess Davies takes a look at what to expect... Thinking the unthinkable: Six evolving technologies set to take the By 2036 the mobile phone will be the size of a red blood cell and a billion times more powerful than any mobile device available today. This statement, made by AdMob Europe founder Russell Buckley, formed the backdrop of a series of jaw-dropping predictions about how and what evolving technologies will shape the world during The Drum’s 4 Minute Warning event on 5 December. Buckley joined a string of academic and marketing experts who debated everything from the value of augmented reality, Google Glass, and 3D printing to the ethics of tracking people’s movements and emotions via their mobile devices to predict future behaviours. The Drum gives a break out of the ones to watch.

Augmented reality (AR)
The rapid development of AR has seen it move from ‘gimmicky’ towards being an increasingly important part of the media mix. Brands see it as a potential new revenue stream given its ability to bridge traditional and new media channels and bring static, print or outdoor media to life in a way that can be measured using the accountability of the web. Mobile-based AR platform Aurasma, which claims 10,000 partners and 4m downloads worldwide, uses image-recognition technology to detect images, symbols, and objects in the real world and then meld the physical image with an animation or video, audio or web pages. Top Gear, GQ, Debenhams, Reebok and Clarks are among the brands to have incorporated Aurasma AR into their campaigns to more seamlessly tie together off- and online marketing activity, with GQ launching its first ever AR cover-to-cover edition for its September issue last...
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