Thesis Outline

Topics: Crime, Roper v. Simmons, Judge Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Thesis Statement: Placing dangerous juvenile offenders into the adult court system would help rehabilitate these offenders and deter other dangerous juvenile offenders from engaging in crime. Argument 1: Harsh sentencing acts as deterrent to kids who are considering committing crimes because of the psychological impact it will have on them.

Book: Bernard T., Kurlychek, M. (2010). The Cycle of Juvenile Justice. Oxford University Press Inc. (pages 12-21)
Journal: Angell, K. (2004). The regressive movement: When juvenile offenders are treated as adults nobody wins. Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal, 54: 199-208. Argument 2: The Statistic against placing dangerous juvenile offenders into adult court systems are Flawed.

Book: Finley, L. (2007). Historical guides to controversial issues in America: Juvenile Justice. Greenwood Press. (pages 44-60)
Journal: Roper v. Simmons, 543 U.S. 551 (2005).
Argument 3: Kids today are more sophisticated at a younger age and they understand the implications of violence from their surrounding environment.
Book: Kupchik, A. (2006). Judging juveniles: Prosecuting adolescents in adult and juvenile courts. New York: New York University Press. (pages 101-115)
Journal: Fuller, E., Redding R. (2005). What do juvenile offenders know about being tried as adults? Implications of Deterrence. Villanova University School of Law, 15: 30-36. Argument 4: Placing Dangerous Juvenile offenders in adult prisons would act as rehabilitation because of how psychologically ill they are.

Book: Mays G., Ruddell, R. (2012). Do the crime, do the time: Juvenile criminals and adult justice in the American court system. Greenwood Press. (pages 7-11)
Journal: Langemo, B. (2004). Serious consequences for serious juvenile offenders: Do juveniles belong in adult courts. Ohio Northern University Law Review, 104: 19-23.
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