Thesis Format

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Title Page

• Title – short (length is 10-12 words); reflective of the content, problem, and the main variables to be studied; free of value judgment; should be written in inverted pyramid boldface, and capital letters • Author’s Name / Month and Year of Completion

• Institutional Affiliation



- brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the manuscript or synthesis of the study which includes the objectives, methodology, highlights of the results, conclusions, and recommendations)

Table of Contents
List of Tables
List of Figures
List of Appendixes Tables
List of Appendix Figures



- gives the background of the project and the rationale for conducting the study

Background of the Study
- Should be the platform for the significance of the study - Should identify information gap
- May cite at most five authorities

Statement of the Problem
- identifies the research gaps
- justifies the conduct of the study
- states the questions that the study hopes to answer - serves as a guide in formulating the specific objectives

Objectives of the Study
- states the general and specific objectives
- should be consistent with the problem
- should be clearly stated and logically presented

Hypotheses of the Study
- states the researcher’s expectations concerning the relationships between the variables in the research problem

Significance of the Study
- points out the vital contribution of the results of the study and who will benefit from it.

Scope and Limitations of the Study
- sets the delimitations and establishes the boundaries of the study (delimits the study in terms of size and area of coverage) - states what the study will not cover or will not do - identifies the weaknesses and constraints which may affect the results of the study

Definition of Terms
- includes conceptual and/or operational definitions
- hanging indention and alphabetically arranged


- consists of both the research nd conceptual literatures but more on the former (at least 60 %)
- subsections can be included, which are based on objectives. All subtopics must be italicized and boldly written. - references must be properly cited in all paragraphs using author/year format. (Please see APA for the detailed format). - rules on paragraphing must be strictly followed. A paragraph should have at least two sentences. It should not be too long. - should consist of at least 10 pages


- discusses the theories linking the topic to the available body of knowledge - presents relationships between different specific constructs the researcher wants to study - specifies the relationships between and among variables - may consist of a combination of mathematical, graphical, and/or diagrammatical presentations


- describes how the study was conducted

Research Design
- specifies whether descriptive, causal/explanatory, correlational, comparative, exploratory, evaluative or combination of two or...
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