Themes in to Kill a Mocking Bird

Topics: Black people, Racism, White people Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: March 29, 2013
PREJUDICE SHOWN BY:| PREJUDICE DIRECTED TOWARDS:| LIKELY REASON:| Bob Ewell| Tom Robinson| -Tom is black-allegedly raped Mayella| Bob Ewell| Atticus Finch| -defending Tom Robinson|
Mrs Bubose| Scout and Jem| -saw them as grotty kids with no manners.- didn’t like their father for defending Tom| Aunt Alexandra| Walter Cunningham| -not up to her standards to be friends with scout because he comes from a poor family.| Aunt Alexandra| Calpurnia| -Cal is black-Children are old enough for Cal to leave.|

1. What is Cal’s attitude to white society?
She is treated with respect by the Finch family therefore her opinion of white people is different. When she speak to white people in Maycomb she speaks like white people however when she take Scout and Jem to the black church she speaks to the Negroes in the same way they speak.

2. Compare Atticus and Aunt Alexandra’s attitudes towards Cal and the Cunningham’s. Why do their attitudes vary? Atticus is very respectful to Cal as she helped raise Jem and Scout after his wife died. Aunt Alexandra thinks Cal should leave because the children are too old for Cal’s help and she is black. The Cunningham’s are a very poor family and are unable to pay Atticus with money after the court case he took a while back. The Cunningham’s pay Atticus back with food because that is all they have. Atticus finds this a nice gesture. Alexandra finds the Cunningham’s not worthy of friendship because of their poor income and wishes the Finches to have nothing to do with them. Aunt Alexandra is much more critical and Atticus is more accepting.

3. Compare the way Dolfus Raymond and Brakton Underwood deal with Prejudice. Mr Raymond pretends to be an alcoholic to provide white people with an explanation of his lifestyle, when in fact he prefers black people. Instead he drinks Coca Cola out of a paper sack. Dolfus Raymond deal’s with prejudice by lying so he doesn’t have to confront it. Mr Underwood believed...
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