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Topics: Fritzl case, Children kept in captivity, Alvarez case Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Having seen Frantic Assembly's 'Lovesong' last year for DRAM 1, our group decided it would be interesting to do our devised piece in the style of physical theatre. We have seen a live production of 'Lovesong' by Abi Morgan performed through the company of Frantic Assembly and within the play, there were elements of having naturalistic set on stage, however using it in an un-naturalistic way, other features consisted of interpretive dance throughout the piece to convey emotions of the characters. Through further research of the style, we found that physical theatre goes beyond verbal narrative, incorporating physical and visual elements on a level at least equal to verbal elements, it is more than simply abstract movement – it includes some element of character, narrative, relationships, and interaction between the performers, not necessarily linear or obvious. It also includes a wide variety of styles, approaches, aesthetics – can include dance-theatre, movement theatre, clown, puppetry, mime, mask, vaudeville, and circus. Physical theatre allows for a dynamic and exciting delivery style while remaining honest to their social objectives. The style provides a way of using both the mind and the body. It encourages questioning and debate to promote understanding. The abstract imagery is left unto the audience to interpret however it should also be highly suggestive to show a strong storyline through the play. We have also seen a filmed version of 'Lovesong' to refresh our memories of the play. Our research also consists of watching numerous videos on the internet to further enhance our knowledge of the style we are performing in. 'There is a strand of theatre - the physical and the visual - that speaks a completely different language from the traditional well made play and spans theatre, puppetry, dance and visual arts.' Lyn Gardner - The Guardian. As a group, we were inspired by the book 'room' which is about a mother and son locked in a room and the issues dealt...
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