The Way Up to Heaven

Topics: Conflict, Character, Family Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: November 28, 2012
apprehension : anixiety
bland : showing no strong emotions
foible : little weekness or strange habit
bustling : very busy
butler : main,male servant
yearing : strong desire
diminutive : small and thin
dapper : man dressed nicely
hazy : not clear
flabby : unattrective,soft,loose
cable : telegraf
shrill : very high and unpleasant sound
tinkling : a light ringing sound
pantry: a small room in a house where foods is kept
appressive : a situation that makes you unhappy,worried
glimmer: a small sign of sth
trifle : modası geçmiş önemsiz

Mrs.Foster: she is the main character. but she has no giving name or age. She is just her husband’s wife. She is modest,faithful ,neurotic,disiplined,suffuring.She changes,when she arrives Paris,she feels wonderful,strong,purposeful,cool and calm. And when she arrives back to New York she feels satisfied.

Mr.Foster: he is 70 years old,rich,insensitive,diminutive but quite dapper,and he shows no love for his family and he has a few friends.He is a static,flat character.

The main turning point is he moment when Mrs.Foster freezes in front door to listen to a sound which is coming from the house.

External conflict: between the mrs.Foster and mr foster. Although she knows that her husban torments her on purpose,she does say anything about it. Internal conflict: between the mrs.foster and herself. Although she wants tol ive with her grandchildren she also thinks that it is wrong because her husband is still alive and she is a loyal wife.

*** Mrs.Foster has an almost pathological fear of being late.And her husband knows she will be hysterical if he is late. So he always late on purpose. And he watch her to see if the tiny muscle by her eye starts twitching. She is begining to realize that her husbant is tormenting her.
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