The Way of Studying

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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The Way of Studying
By Vincent Chen
In this age where studying is a bothersome chore for most students, students struggle to cope with their busy routine as well as their studies. The fierce competition to excel among themselves or on a national level, further catapults the students’ search for the ultimate study plan. Some students attend seminars, prep talks and tuition, only to tire themselves without realizing their dream of excellence. I believe that studying starts with ourselves and, with the appropriate ways, is more effective and self-rewarding than studying blindly. First of all, students should prepare a time table for studying. A time table draws out a clear path for students on how to start their long journey of studying. Even better, time tables can be tweaked to our own preference. Students can allocate more time to revise subjects they are weak in. Subjects like Add Maths that require lots of time to practice should have sufficient time allocated to in a time table. With a time table, time usage can be maximised with optimum results. Coming up next is to make short notes and mind maps. Making short notes in lessons help us understand the topic more thoroughly. In the process of making notes, we summarise what we have learnt in a short and understandable manner. Unlike reading straight out of the text book, notes are a short and easy way to revise. Students can also form study groups. Joining the right study group might just be the ticket to better results. A complete and balanced study group should consist of students who specialise in certain subjects. Those who are stronger can teach and guide the weak. With proper guidance, those who used to be weak might excel more than their mentors. Revising past year questions in study groups, students can go the extra mile. By revising past year questions, students can grasp the technique of answering tricky questions and familiarise with the format. Members of the same study group share their...
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