The Wars Timothy Findley

Topics: Edgar Allan Poe, Marathon, Human body Pages: 3 (571 words) Published: December 10, 2011
How Findlay uses different narratives to present Robert Ross sympathetically in the novel:

Marion Turner- she could look down on him for his mutiny, however she describes him as a hero- his action was in fact was brave and he acted to according to him what was right- tried to assert life in the face of death. Pg 12/13

“I guess you saw them all as beautiful because you couldn’t see them as broken…” – theme of how delicate life is

End of novel- Marion describes the circumstances and when Robert Ross’ body has been brought to her bottom pg.193 She wanted to help him die- she thinks the wounds are so bad so much pain the best thing she could offer him death.

“No not yet”- essence of life- choosing life no matter how bad it seems to be- sums up Robert Ross

Language bottom 192- she focuses on the word Magdalene- Robert chooses the sacred path- use of Magdalene to represent Robert Ross’ character

Julia- second interview- a sense of her voice as song, evening church service song, English rain (gentle rain) images of the sacred- using atmosphere and setting to heighten and dramatize the situation of Robert Ross as sacred

Barbara- freesia- widows, mothers, those left behind, the mourning women, tragedies of war

Pg 24. Robert looks for a model someone who could teach him as an example to kill- Tafler

Robert’s hero before the war was Tom Longboat- won the Boston Marathon, Professional World Champion Marathon Runner (Canadian!)- Why narrator chooses Tom Longboat as a hero- shows the war from a Canadian point of view, with all the Canadian battles, Robert Ross, Canadian hero Tom Longboat- Longboat represents someone who uses his body/trains his body- pushes himself to get the most out of his body- presents the human body and what it can accomplish/potential-the body put to use for good- Robert chooses to run because Rowena cannot- through her inability to run he exerts life/hope by running for Rowena.

- Robert after the...
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