The War of the Spanish Succession

Topics: Spain, Treaty of Utrecht, War of the Spanish Succession Pages: 3 (419 words) Published: March 9, 2013
* Charles II of Spain
* Dying in 1700
* Choose French Philip V as his heir
* England scared, what if there’s a union?
* England wouldn’t be the biggest power anymore
* Less naval power
* England feels like there’s no choice but to go to war to stop Philip * The War of the Spanish Succession (1702 – 1713)
* France and Spain vs. England and Portugal
* Portugal gets a guarantee that they wont be taken over by Spain * England wins
* Treaty of Utrecht (1713)
* (Philip will still be king of France)
* No union of Spain and France
* Gibraltar and Minorca - Straits of Gibraltar (Spanish island) granted to Great Britain * Great access to Mediterranean, super powerful
* Access to Spanish Colonial ports (Latin America)
* Spain goes from number 1 to number 3
* Philip wants to fix everything before it gets worse * House of Bourbon
* Colonies too autonomous
* Other countries too comfortable with coming into their territories * Not strongest navy anymore
* Problems
* Achilles heel of Spain
* Not industrialized!
* Relied a lot on imports
* Almost feudal, very agricultural
* Spain did not keep their seas lanes open during war * Economically Spain sucked
* No middle class
* Capitalists, investors, financiers, bankers, factory owners * Cant keep promise to colonist to protect them because their navy is failing * So colonies start trading with other countries * Heavily trade with England

* But also with Dutch and France
* Spain tries to stop it
* People want independence
* Creoles vs. Peninsulars
* Creoles
* Americans...
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