The Treaty of Paris (American Revolution)

Topics: United States, American Revolutionary War, French Revolution Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: September 16, 2012
I.The Treaty of Paris
A.The battle of Yorktown ended in October 1781, not actually the end of the revolution. Significant fighting continued well on into 1783 B.Not a sure thing- lots of uncertainty! The victory at Yorktown was a very important step, though C.America sent several diplomats to France to negotiate. One of the conditions under which France agreed to help out the United States was that America had to give them some of their territory back. D.FRANCE BROUGHT SPAIN TO THE WAR!

E.The war is going well for America, not so well for French. They aren’t really gaining enough territory to satisfy themselves and Spain. F.John Jay picked up on the French duplicity- very suspicious about France’s motives. Urged the American delegates to come to agreement with Britain- that wasn’t supposed to happen! G.France expected America to work out a treaty with them, along with the British. H.America and Britain begin secret negotiations- GB is trying to seduce America out of their relationship with France. No better way than to split apart the alliance I.Treaty of Paris, 1783- offers VERY generous terms

1.See map in PDF!
J.Spanish benefit from revolution: FLORIDA!
K.French weren’t terribly disappointed by the treaty- off the hook with regards to their alliance with Spain. Didn’t have to worry about Spain claiming land as a part of the war L.France also didn’t have to spend any more money on the American war!! Already in large enough debt, war just made it worse French Revolution 1789 M.LOSERS

a.Still supported the King and didn’t fit into society. Tarred, feathered, terrorized. Seen as an enemy within the US. Subject to physical punishment, ritualistic shaming, b.Some put in prison- William Franklin!

c.Took their property: land, slaves, money, houses
d.Driven into exile!
a.Britain gave America the land up to the MS River, previously the frontier land of the Indians. Displace again! b.Indians allied with...
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