The Symbolic Role of Horatio in Hamlet

Topics: Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Characters in Hamlet Pages: 4 (1242 words) Published: November 13, 2012
In Shakespeare’s Tragedy Play Hamlet, Horatio shows as a minor character. However, the contributions and demonstrations he brings to the play and to the audience are very important and abundant. His role in the whole play can be viewed from three angles. First of all, he is most close friend of Prince Hamlet. In all the schemes, he performs as Hamlet’s informer, assistant, counselor and confidant. Secondly, Horatio rationally and wisely witnesses and judges key figures and events in the play. He has directly or indirectly involved all play’s developments from the beginning to the end. Thirdly, highlights the loyalty and intellectual achievements of which humans are capable. Horatio links the audiences and carries the hopes – loyalty to friendships, rationality to human behaviors and future, and bringing the justice to the world. Through the character of Horatio, the key concepts and benefits of loyalty, rationality and hope are portrayed

Horatio is Hamlet's most trusted friend as verified from the beginning to the end of the drama. Through his wisdom, he relates the challenges he and Hamlet face with respect to Claudius. In the play, there are three friends for Hamlet. The other two, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, betray Hamlet for their selfish (yet understandable) benefits and find their own final destinations when they arrive at England. Horatio knows Denmark Prince Hamlet from Wittenberg University in England when both of them are scholars there. He comes to Denmark to join the old King, Hamlet’s father’s funeral. Hamlet reveals all his revenge plans to him. Horatio swears himself to top secret about the ghost and Hamlet's pretense of madness to hide from Claudius's. Even more important through the mousetrap play, Horatio conspires closely with Hamlet to prove Claudius's guilt. With all the ensured trusting from the Prince’s letter to him, Horatio is the first to know of Hamlet's return from England. He is the only real company when Hamlet discovers...
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