The Stranger Ch. 1,2 Questions

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The Stranger Ch. 1&2

1.Meursault visited his mother so infrequently because it was too out of the way and because it killed an entire day. 2.It is odd that Madame Meursault desired a religious burial because during her life, she was not religious at all. 3.Meursault doesn’t want to see inside the casket because he doesn’t want to see his mother dead. He would respond this way because he wants his last memories of his mother to be of her alive. I think that it is perfectly normal because when my grandfather died my dad didn’t want me to see the dead body because he wanted my memories of my grandfather to be ones where he is alive, not laying dead in a casket. 4.Meursault’s dream like experience occurred at during vigil. The lights were very bright and cast heavenly glows on everything in the room. Everything was quiet like a silent movie. 5.Pèrez’s relationship with Maman is one like a fiancée. They were always found together; they were inseparable. 6.The three last thoughts of Meursault at the funeral were: Pèrez’s face, the nurse’s voice, and the church. 7.Meursault meets Marie Cardona the day after the funeral.

8.The hint the reader is given as to where Meursault lives is that he lives in an apartment which means he most likely lives in a city. 9.Meursaults choose to people watch on Sunday while smoking on his balcony. It demonstrates that he has nothing really to do and is very calm with no excitement to his personality. He could also be lonely so he watches people with families and lovers and envies what they have as the walk by. 10.Meursault means that life isn’t any different after his mother died. Life still goes on living, he still gets up in the morning and goes to work and life feels indifferent.
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