The Stepford Wives

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Sociology of the Family

The Stepford Wives Movie

I can’t speak about the 1950’s family values because I was born in the early 1970’s. Then after watching the movie “The Stepford Wives”, the traditional family life has changed, but family values have remained the same to some extent. The movie tries to portray the traditional women femininity but also be the homemakers while their husbands are the breadwinners.

In today’s world, women have traded in their aprons for nine to five careers but the 1950’s values are still demonstrated because it has been instilled in me by my mother. After the Women’s Movement the difference between yesterday's values and today's are the people who live them. There are more single parent families and even more same sex parents. The divorce rates are high as well. The day, I have a family of my own; I want them to hear all of the stories about my grandparents and godparents. It may sound unrealistic because of the busy lifestyle of today's and seem impossible to take the time to sit and reflect on these past memories, all of the morals and the values that once held families together.

Now, children have been forced to learn values in families that challenge the traditional family. I’m not stating that nontraditional families cannot and does not work because we have seen this work throughout generations for example my family. When there are no values to pass on, no values get passed on. Honesty, responsibility, commitment, work ethic or kindness and respect toward elders and others, these are values, regardless of race and ethnicity, which must be taught and passed on to every generation. It is sad to see some parents not show concern for their child’s academic, social and emotional being. When these vital values go untaught, the end result can be bad to an adult and child without background of values. Values can make a big...
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