The Silent Way

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The Silent Way Presentation

1) What are the goals of teachers who use the silent way?
Goals of teachers:
- Students gain self-confidence in the use of the language - Rely on themselves → develops independence from teacher - Development of own inner criteria for correctness
→ ability to use language for self-expression (thoughts, feelings, etc.)

2) What is the role of the teacher and what is the role of the students? Role of the teacher: - technician or engineer
give little help
“force awareness”
“provide exercises to insure their facility”
Role of the students: - make use of what they know
utmost attention to the learning task
actively engage in exploring the language
→ “The teacher works with the student, the student works on the language!”

what are some characteristics of the teaching/learning process Characteristics of the teaching/ learning process:
the students begin their study of the language through its sounds sounds are introduced through a specific sound-color chart (picture) the teacher relies on sounds what students already know from their knowledge of their native language leads the students to associate the sounds of the target language with particular colors uses mimic and gesture (Mimik und Gestik)

later same colors are used to help the students
with minimal spoken cues(Ausruf), the students are guided to produce the structure errors are used as evidence of where the language is unclear to students and hence(demzufolge) where to work

4)what is the nature of student-teacher interacion and student-student interaction? ∙ Student- teacher interaction:
- teacher (most time) silent but very active: - setting up situations - listening attentively to students’ speech
- silently working on production
- give clues(Ausrufe), but doesn’t model language
∙ student- student interaction: - verbal interaction is desirable -> they can learn from one...
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