The Role of the NCC in Building India

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Transformation refers to a complete change. It signifies the essence of growth and progress. The true wealth of a nation lies not in its foreign exchange reserves and riches, but in its citizens, especially its youth. Youth have the power to transform and hence, on their strong shoulders, rests the responsibility of leading the nation towards progress and prosperity. Youth form the backbone of any society and in this context we are extremely fortunate to have a vibrant youth potential numerically unmatched in the world. India, in the past, has had its glories, but much greater glories await this great nation in the future( Ramakrishna Mission, 2008). It is here, that our youth will have an all-important and distinguished role to play. Transformation of our youth would be the key to this projected image of our country. Any transformation that we seek, would inadvertently have to begin from ourselves (Abdul Kalam, 2004). Our raw youth potential is in need of maturation, without losing the essence and elixir of youth and this can be achieved by motivation to undergo transformational exercises, resulting in growth and awakening, which would lead to transformation in the desired direction. Many such opportunities are available, one of which; The National Cadet Corps

Transformation is an inspirational process leading to self awareness and for achieving this, only textual knowledge will not suffice. Practical knowledge based on experience, intensive planning, dedicated efforts are all called for. Also, change of any kind would always be accompanied by obstacles which need to be overcome with grit and determination and this is exactly where National Cadet Corps comes into the picture with its vital role in the transformation of our youth and society

National Cadet Corps: The National Cadet Corps (NCC) holds a golden key for all-round growth and transformation of our youth. What began in the year 1917, as the University Corps, after many changes and overhauls through the years, has come to be known as the National Cadet Corps since November 1948. Today, with 1.3 million cadets, both boys and girls, from over 13000 colleges and schools, inclusive of those in remote and far flung areas, on its roll, the NCC is projected as the largest disciplined, uniformed youth organization in the world. From a modest beginning, the NCC has blossomed into a truly All India Corps, covering almost all the districts in our country, including the Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep groups of islands. Its Junior and Senior divisions are divided into the Army, Navy, Air and Girls wings. This national organization is headed by a Director General of the rank of Lieutenant General in the army. Its motto, rightly is, ‘Unity and Discipline.’ The NCC movement has thus been truly representing unity in diversity of our nation.

The NCC has excellent credentials in transforming our youth, in building their character and inculcating in them a sense of duty, discipline and service to the nation. Ever since its inception, the NCC has been instrumental in imparting quality training to millions of boys and girls and developing the personality of our youth, many of whom have marched ahead in life and excelled in their chosen fields thereby, contributing immensely towards nation building and national integrity. Over the years, NCC has evolved into a highly disciplined, vibrant youth organization and has made substantial contributions for creation of disciplined, trained and motivated citizens ready for the service of the nation (Narayanan, 1998). Imbibed with the spirit of patriotism and selfless service, our cadets have been contributing towards strengthening forces of national unity, equality and secularism This is an ever ongoing process and the organization remains committed to strive for its very best in this noble endeavour. The NCC organization is a nursery for many future leaders in different walks of national life( Antony, 2006)....
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