The Rise of Hitler

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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The Nazi party first started after WWI when a group of unemployed German men. They were known as “The German Workers Party (GWP).” Adolf Hitler joined the group in 1919 and quick rose to a high ranking leader. His rise to the top of the GWP was due to his powerful speeches. Despite the ability of his speaking he often used it to promote national pride, militarism, and a racially "pure" Germany. After Hitler’s rise to leadership he changed the name to “The National Socialist German Workers’ which was referred to as “The Nazi Party”. Hitler tried to overthrow the government with the Nazi Party, but had no success. This leads up to his election as chancellor of Germany. While incarcerated, Hitler wrote a book called Mein Kampf, which established a foundation for the beliefs of the Nazi party. After its publication, Hitler could truly grow an army of supporters. According to the narrator’s of “World at War” After Hitler’s release he quickly pursued a political campaign for chancellor. This provided him with a chance to persuade more of the German public that they needed to condemn all Jews. He brought food and water to the poor, which help with the growth of The Nazi party and his supporters. According the text in “A Teachers Guide to The Holocaust” Hitler also began create subgroups for specific Germans such as, children, women, doctor’s, etc. Hitler’s attempt was also short lived because they lost the election. Years later after gaining more supports the Nazi Party prevailed and took over Germany due to Hindenburg’s new Government. This allowed Hitler to carry out his plan to rid the world of all Jewish people. In 1938 Germany started to ban Jews from most places. In 1942 the Germans decided it was time to take action start with their plan called “the final solution” which leads to the founding of concentration camps and the holocaust. The Germans quickly formed alliances with Italy, USSR, and Japan. Despite the alliance Japan created more problems for the Nazi...
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