The Relationship with His Father

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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Ruben Gonzalez

The Relationship between Eliezer and his Father:
How their relationship changes throughout the novel.

Change is unpredictable and inevitable. You cannot know what alteration it may bring, but it can be expected. In the Autobiography “Night” by Elie Wiesel changes are experienced constantly by the protagonist and his father throughout the story. The changes in Elie’s life throughout the story are shown in form of stages, the beginning stage where Elie feels no affection towards his dad, the second stage where Elie’s relationship with his father gets stronger than ever, and the last change, when Elie becomes indifferent towards his own feelings. Eliezer’s relation with his father in the novel changes from time to time, but in the first stage neither of them has a relationship with each other. Elie and his father are never intimate or dependent on each other. The distance between father and son is so great that Elie describes his father as one who “was more concerned with others than his own family” (Wiesel 2). prioritizing the members of the Jewish community that his own family. Also Elie’s is so independent that he doesn’t seek any attention from his father and challenge him when it comes to following instruction given by his father, When he asked his father if he could find a master to teach him about the cabbala. His father tells him, “You’re too young for that” (Wiesel 1). However, Elie finds a master. Elie is too arrogant and dos not take any advice given to him. The change, Elies life along with his dad’s life rapidly changes after being imprisoned in the concentration camps, right after Elie losses his mother and sister in one concentration camp, he has no choice but to bond and stay close to his father in any possible way, so much that he wants to stay with his dad even when before they didn’t had any type of relationship. “My hand shifted on my father’s arm. I had one thought –not to lose him” (Wiesel 27). this because...
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