The Rabbit Proof Fence Study Notes

Topics: Rabbit-Proof Fence, Point of view shot, Phillip Noyce Pages: 3 (943 words) Published: May 31, 2012
Journeys notes

Rabbit Proof Fence

Film, Phillip Noyce director, 3 half caste girls taken from their family to be assimilated, 1200 mile journey home

Journeys can be forced upon you by others
Being forced into the car
- reaction shots of girls and family, horror of force
- close up facial shots of girls, distant family – filmed through glass to show separation

Journeys can be intimidating and threatening
Girls in cage- Molly looking up at guard.
Point of view shot showing bars and to imply the imposing nature of people facilitating change. Called to front of assembly- shallow sharp breathing, heart beat, signs of molly’s vulnerability. Mr. Neville’s unfamiliar face looking down on molly- camera from molly’s POV. Mr. Neville Threat to molly’s world

Narrowing path low level camera angle- threatening

Here are many obstacles to overcome during a journey
Terrain- long shot convey harshness and enormity of landscape Girls collapse camera pans away from girls to show them as merely a speck in the vast landscape. Physical endurance- long shots of landscape continuing on and on. People tracking girl’s down-

Moodoo- minimal dialogue reinforces molly’s strength of character and longing to return home. “She pretty clever that girl. She wants to go home” Neville- maps and ordered comfortable office juxtaposition to girls Shots different to documentary style of camera dollying following girls, stationary at strange angles- looking up at Neville to show he is an authority figure over the girls

We often need the assistance of others during our journeys
Aboriginal hunter- food and matches
White fence worker- tells of shortcut
Station owner- coats and food
Moodoo- lets girls escape
Spirit bird- reoccurring motif- molly’s assistance during low points in the journey. (eagle) Sparse dialogue “Jigalong. Proper long way.”
Camera -Point of view shots shows what molly is seeing
- distorted camera heat of desert

In Rabbit-Proof Fence symbolism...
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