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The Pearl by John Steinbeck
TEST A (Good Luck! Not that you’ll need it!)

Part A: Who said it? Tell who said these quotes. (2.5 POINTS EACH) 1. " 'Our son must go to school. He must break out of the pot that holds us in.' " ___________________

2. “ ‘This thing is evil. This pearl is a sin. It will destroy us.’ ” ________________

3. “ ‘You have heard of fool’s gold. It is too large. It is a curiosity only.’ ” _____________

Part B: Literary Terms (2.5 POINTS EACH)
Are these personification, simile, metaphor, irony, symbolism, internal conflict, or external conflict? Each term will be used at least once.

* The scorpion represents evil. ________________

* "He was terrified of that monster of strangeness they called the capital." __________________________

* After realizing the pearl buyers are trying to cheat him, Kino worries how he will sell the pearl. ____________________________

* "...the nerves of the town were pulsing and vibrating with news..." ____________________________

* "…the trackers...were little more than dots or scurrying ants..." ____________________________

* "He hissed at her like a snake..." ____________________________

* “.The coyotes cried and laughed in the brush.” ____________________________

* At the beginning of the story, Kino wished he had a rifle. Kino did get a rifle at the end—but not the way he had intended. ____________________________

* Coyotito represented a treasure more precious than wealth. ______________________

* Kino fights off attackers in the middle of the night. ________________________ * "...the wind...whispered through the mangroves..." ____________________________

* "The buyer’s eyes...steady and cruel and unwinking as a hawk's eyes..." ______________________

* The beautiful pearl, like winning the lottery today, was thought to only bring wealth and happiness, but...
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