The Parthenon: Nashville's Classic Architecture

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  • Published : September 12, 2012
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Nashville is a loving a hospitable city with many wonderful layers that make up its heart and soul. Hence its nickname, “the Athens of the South”, Nashville has become home to one of the leading and influential structures, The Parthenon. I had the pleasure of visiting the Parthenon and learning so much information! Museums in general have always fascinated me, and also the learning of this monumental legacy, that I just couldn’t wait to visit this historical site! Upon entering The Parthenon, I scaled the columns and classical architecture. The Acropolis offered one of the world’s dramatic landscapes as setting for the Parthenon, constructed entirely of marble from the diggings at nearby Mt. Pentelicon. The sculptures consisted of elaborate religious and historical events of importance to the Athenian self-image. The East pediment told the story of the birth of Athena from the head of Zeus. The west pediment told the story of the competition between Athena and Poseidon for the lands of Attica. Finally inside, I studied the pictures of The Centennial Exposition of 1897. By the time Tennessee was ready to celebrate one hundred years of statehood, the city of Nashville had earned the nickname, “Athens of the South”. This name was applied because of the city’s emphasis on education, both private and public, and the role that the study of Greek and Latin played on most secondary schools. Visitors as well as foreigners from afar came to visit this grand celebration, which sadly only lasted six months. The city of Nashville hosted this combination world’s fair, industrial exposition, and county fair, and state history celebration. President William McKinley, hosted this assortment of celebrations. I don’t know why it fascinated me so much, but just to see Nashville host something this extravagant and mind-blowing, makes me proud to call Nashville my home. Many expositions were held during the six-month run of the fair. More than two million people from all over the...
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