The Paris Basin: Tertiary Activities

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Paris Basin: - Tertiary Activities
Account for the development of tertiary activities in one non-Irish region of your choice.

* Capital city - naturally draws tourists ranging from sight-seers to historical enthusiasts. * Home to monuments and buildings and areas of interest. * Eiffel tower - daily tours to the top with a restaurant at the top - iconic monument designed by Gustave Eiffel overlooks the city + Rvr Seine on which are numerous daily cruises * Sacre Coeur Cathedral - on top of Montmartre hill - opens every day to public - originally - relatively inaccessible as it is atop the highest point in city - glass cable car link was built in 1990s - further increased amount of visitors to this attraction. * Nearby - Artist’s quarter + the Salvador Dali museum. * Other attractions drawing millions of visitors each year – Louvre - holds famous pieces (Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci) * S. lies the palace of Versailles

* E. (in Marne de la Valley) is the world famous Euro Disney. * Arc De Triomphe, Champs d’Elysees and the Notre Dame Cathedral. * 2008 - These sites drew in over 25 million visitors.
* Over 60% of visitors - from outside of France - generate over €20 billion each year. * Tourism industry - 20% of Frances total GNP - indicates importance of this business is to economy. * Result of tourism - hotels, restaurants and other spin-off industries have developed due to the demand for additional services. * Towns Reims and Epernay - grown in size due to the viticulture industry - draws in wine tasters, home to the famous Champagne houses.

* Transport industry - highlights development of tertiary activities * Agriculture, industry and tourism continue to grow - need for highly developed transport network - in high demand. * Development of Euro Disney in east brought the RER train line - meet needs of the ms of visitors (Part of the SNCF train network in France) *...
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