The New Global World

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The New Global World 1450-1620
* Clovis Culture: Stone tool for technology
* Were not in harmony with nature

The Invasion and settlement of North America
* First capitalist nation
* Nation has left behind legacies
* Peculiar history

1065: Under Anglo- Saxon
* Conquered by French King William who crosses channel and slays anglo-saxon king called Norman Conquest, which takes place Battle of Hastings * Signing of the Magna Carta in 13th century
* House of commons (common people)
* House of Lords (inherited)
* Legal system derived from common law: settles disputes on a local level with judges * Secular: judges not represented by church
* Property rights
* The nobility set out to destroy Feaudalism
Henry VIII
* 1534: attacks Catholic church, goes to pope for divorce, pope denies, asks archbishop for divorce with sanction of parliament * New face of church: takes tradition and destroys it under his power, but faced with debt Elizabeth Bolyn: one who becomes dominant and modernizes England - Begins to patronize men

- Patrons of merchants (photographers, mapmakers, pirates)
- Charters corporations willing to trade
- Study of navigation start to explore New World
- Fish was going to make money
- Sir John Hawkins: worked for Elizabeth (amazing navigator)

King Philip of Spain wants to invade England
* 1588: Brings massive group to England, but England has better sailors and Spain fails * Now England can explore NW freely
Ireland: 1560’s. The dry run for colonization
* Becomes Template colinaztion is not going well at first Sir Walter Raleigh: The Roanoke area (Lost Island)

1607: Virginia
The Virginia Company (Jamestown)
* Colony founded by a chartered company
* People who settled it, servants of company
* Spectacular failure at first because were ill prepared and majority of settlers died * Diseases: Malaria
* John Smith: Comes to Jamestown, kept colony going with iron, captured by Indian Powhatan, but was spared * Tobacco: already high demand in England (The Jovial Weed) * Indentured Servant: someone who sells apart of their working lives in exchange for passage from Europe to the New World, but not slaves * 5% acquired freedom

Pocahontis: Connected Indians and Europeans
* Not normal (massacre in Virginia)
* Short after Maryland was founded

European Colonies of the Atlantic Coast (1607-1639)
* Puritans (Puritanism provides certainty or Zelod)
* John Calvin (Calvinists)
1. God is all powerful
2. Humans have no free will
1. Total Depravity (sinful/cannot be saved
2. Unconditional Election (predestination)
3. Limited Atonement (Jesus died on cross?)
4. Irresistible Grace (God’s chosen ones can never reject salvation) 5. Perserverence of the Saints (the chosen will never fall away from their state of Grace)

Pilgrims: First group to New World
* show up in Massachussets
* arrive 1620 in November and struggle
* 1st successful English colony, but it was the Puritans who created a “Godly” community John Winthrop: head of massachussets settlement/ Puritan
* obsession for community
* well educated and ready for settlement
The Great Migration: 1630-1640’s
-20,000 Puritans settled in New England, and forever made their imprint - Immediately became successful
ex: Harvard, Printing Press, Published Books, System of Education (taxes), elementary schools -People who went against Puritan beliefs were “booted” off the island 1. Roger Williams first one to propose idea of separation of religion and state 2. Ann Hutchinson Held meetings in her house over Calvinism, Ultimately voted off island, goes to NY and slaughtered by Indians

Freake Family : Where they settled was interesting
* no malaria
* natural resources
* (90% of children lived to reproduce in this region)
Colonists in New England moved to...
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