The Murder Mystery of Mrs. Remington

Topics: Police, Domestic violence, Abuse Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: June 1, 2012
The Murder Mystery of Mrs. Remington

It was an overcast afternoon in Virginia. The police were responding to an alleged murder at the Remington’s Residence. The Abode was a yellow duplex that was not well maintained by either Family. Mrs. Remington, at the age forty-seven, had been discovered dead in her bedroom and was reported by her husband midafternoon on Saturday. After law enforcement secured the premises, a detective was directed toward the scene. Detective Watson and his assistant investigated the alleged murder. The time of her demise was determined to be approximately 3 hours before Mr. Remington contacted authorities. The probable cause seemed to be death by means of strangling and the only evidence found were the marks of the hands that grasped her neck. Ms. Silva was their neighbor on the opposite side of the duplex. She told police that Mr. Remington was very short-tempered and had abused his wife in the past, but never had any intentions to kill her. Then she added that she needed an anti-depressant because of him, but once he left the house their neighbor across the street, Mr. Hollow, had arrived at Mrs. Remington’s front door. The reason for the visit was unknown, but it still gave authorities another perspective to the case and one more suspect. Back at the department, Mr. Hollow willingly went in for questioning. Detective Watson found it very peculiar that he came in for questioning without hesitation. He entered the interrogation room and began immediately.

“Mr. Hollow, I have a witness placing you at the front door just two hours before the victim’s death. Why did you go to her house?” asked Watson. “I had nothing to do with her death! It was probably her husband, she always told me about the fights he would start.” “Just answer the question.”

“I was returning some tools that I borrowed from Mr. Remington, but she didn’t answer. I thought they went out because one of the cars was gone.” “We will determine if your story adds up. I...
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