The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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The memoirs of Lady Hyegyong
Lady Hyegyong
* Wife of the crown prince Sado (1735-1762)
* Daughter-in-law of King Yongjo (1724-1776)
* Mother of King Chongjo (1776-1800)
* The crown princess and mother and grandmother of the kings in the late eighteenth century Korea * Choson women (women in Choson Korea 1392-1910) – three lords: father, husband, and son * Patrilocal marriage

* Woman writer
The Memoirs
* Hanjongnok: Record Written in Silence
* A series of autobiographical narratives by Lady Hyegyong * 4 memoirs: 1795, 1801, 1802, 1805
* The first 3 memoirs: story of her earlier life and her marriage into the royal family, and championing (in some cases “defending” her natal family.) These memoirs are more personal, and overall three hangs a shadow: the fate of her husband, Crown Prince Sado, who was executed in 1762. His reputation after his death threatens the position of her offspring. * *The fourth memoir: story of her husband Sado, the most important piece The memoir of 1795

* Genre: Family injunction
* The first memoir was written for the benefit of her nephew, in conformity with the tradition of a family elder writing an injunction for the instruction of the younger members of the family, exhorting them to follow in the footsteps of honorable family elders. It contains a most poignant and endearing account of how the author, an innocent child of nine, was suddenly wrenched from her loving home and put in a strange and awesome court. It is also gives an intimate view of the princess's natal home, which was that of an exemplary Korean scholar.   * Defend the integrity of her natal family, reclaim the honorable family tradition * The unspoken subjects of the first memoir:

“With his exceptional talent and superior scholarship, Prince Sado would surely have achieved greatness. Of its own record, however, illness seeped into his remarkable nature and…began to manifest itself in strange symptoms.”...
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