The Maze Reflection

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Ana Arvizu
LeeAnn Kearney
Student Government
21 September 2012
The Maze Game
I wanted to do a game that would involve the entire class and a game that would get giggles out of students. There was only a limited amount of time so the game had to consist of only three volunteers. I could’ve squeezed one more volunteer, but it was too risky and I could’ve gone overboard with the time that was given.

The game turned out quite different than the outline. The outline was organized in a way that only the three volunteers would participate, but it turned out that everyone put in some effort to make the game fun for the whole class. When one of the volunteers entered, everyone cheered them on and gave that person confidence in what they were about to do! They all started off right but then the whole class began to distract them and they kept running into desks and dead ends. This is what made the whole class participate and have fun. By the second person, there were now people lying on the ground so the volunteers would trip and fall (which was hilarious).

There was one time where a volunteer was having a very difficult time getting across so I helped and I fell down because I, myself, tripped over Kiki I believe. When she was standing up off of the ground, she then hit my chin and I bit my tongue, which hurt a lot, but it got the whole class to laugh.

Overall this was a fun game and I really liked how the whole class was involved and I like to see this in student council because we should all feel like family and have fun together because that’s what leaders of the school should be like-everyone getting along and having a great time together. The only thing I would change for the next time would be to have a little bit more time to involve more people because most of the class wanted to be the blindfolded person.
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