The Maverick Jeans

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Business Plan

:: Prepared By ::
Marmik Vekaria – (118)

:: Submitted To ::
Prof. Kruti Patel

S. K. Patel Institute of Management and
Computer Studies, Gandhinagar

The Maverick Jeans Pvt. Ltd.
13, Green Industrial Zone,
Mavdi Main Road,
Rajkot – 360 004

Mail :
Mo : +91 9428286666
Table of Contents

Sr. No.| Topic Description|
1| Executive Summary|
2| Business Description|
3| Marketing Plan|
4| Operational Plan|
5| Production Process|
6| Management Plan|
7| Financial Plan|
8| Risk Factors|
9| Future Plan|
10| Conclusion|

Executive Summary ::

The Maverick Jeans Pvt. Ltd. offers all kinds of jeans in the market. TMJPL made jeans according to the trends and fashion prevailing in the market.

Changing lifestyle & fashion has been a major factor of growth of this industry. Our clients are malls, Departmental stores, life style stores, hyper markets, super markets, specialty stores, etc. Company which offers variety of paper bags of proven quality to satisfy different requirements of customer.

TMJPL Company is a private company formed by Vekaria Marmik and his brother Darpan Vekaria. Promoters will be taking hands on management roles in the company. Promoters’ contribution will be Rs. 37,00,000 and rest of capital will be raised through bank loan. Based on the size of our market and our defined market area, our sales projections for the first year are 30,000 units.

Because of our endless efforts we are confident to achieve our vision which is “To provide life-style to society and to recognize by trendy youth” and “To become a strong globally popular brand in few years”

Business Description ::

Introduction to the Industry ::

Cottage & small scale industry have flourished in India since the early times. Even today they are a principal source of income & employment and their product find ready market in the country as well as abroad.

Small scale industry in India roughly provides employment to about 7.6 million people and constitutes a large position of the country’s exports. The govt. of India is well aware of the importance of small scale industry in our economy and growth of small scale industry i.e. establishment of various SSIs. All India Boards that give technical, financial and other relevant guidance to small scale industries, other benefits & concessions.

About the Company ::

The Maverick Jeans Pvt. Ltd. is one of the emerging jeans manufacturing company in Gujarat. We are manufacturing all kinds of jeans which are running in market and also provide as per your size and shapes. We are targeting each people like children, teenagers, youth, adult, senior citizen, etc. After covering different local market, next target will be to expanding our unit in metros and other big cities.

Plan at a Glance ::

Name of the company::Maverick Jeans Pvt. Ltd.
Address of the company::The Maverick Jeans Pvt. Ltd.
13, Green Industrial Zone,
Mavdi Main Road,
Rajkot – 360 004 (Gujarat)
Scale of the organization::Small scale industry
Type of firm::Partnership Firm
Nature of the product::Jeans
Proposed name of the Brand::Mississippi
Partners’ names::Marmik Vekaria and Darpan Vekaria
Estimated cost of the project::Rs. 90,00,000
Market Area::Initial Gujarat, then after India.

Vision ::

“To provide life-style to society and to recognize by trendy youth” “To become a strong globally popular brand in few years”

Mission ::

Uniqueness and superiority of the products’ design such that to grow the customers day by day and control of cost of the product through contribution of ideas.

Core Values ::

Smart Work always pays you something.
Passion and fashion is the base of the products.
Commitment of the work play vital role to develop.
Team Work always gives you strength.

Location of the Company ::

Identification of the location is...
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