The Kickapoo Indians

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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The Kickapoo Indians
Research Objective: The growth of today’s youth in an endangered culture.

The Kickapoo Indians are a type of Native American people that have tribes across the United States. Stationed in Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, the Kickapoo Indians have a culture that has not been looked over and talked about much in our world and lifetime. While they are part of the overall population of our country, we know little about them, and the influence they have on their children and the youth around them in the community. I want to study the youth culture and see how the Kickapoo Indians affect the other cultures around them.

II.Literature Review
I have done many searches on many sites to look for any research and studies on this tribe and the culture of these people. The states in which they live have the most information about them. The state with the most information is Texas, and there is more information on the Mexican Kickapoo Indians than the other three combined. III.Methodology

To study the life and effect of the Kickapoo Indians, the plan is to join into their tribe under the clarification that it will be to show the world more about their culture. We would need to gain funding to help with living costs until the researchers are able to find suitable replacements in the area. We plan to ask permissions for this fieldwork to study the tribe currently in the lower portion of Texas. (see map) The plan is to win trust among the people, and slowly ask them to introduce us to their ceremonies, and beliefs and culture over time. We plan to gain at least three informants. We would pick an informant from each age group to better understand the evolution of the tribe through these past years. (Chapter 5 of Book). We would also like to accomplish a mapping process to understand how the distribution of the land works for the tribe as a whole. (Chapter 5) The tribe, being in lower Texas, will easily be reached by plane....
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