The Islamic Perspective of Quality

Topics: Muhammad, Islam, Qur'an Pages: 3 (679 words) Published: October 2, 2012
In order to produce quality goods or services, every task at every level of the operation has to be performed in a manner that will ensure the achievement of a particular standard. The whole exercise entails the physical aspect of the whole process which can be achieved through the right habit that is accompanied by the proper intention of wanting to be a productivity or quality conscious person.

In inculcating the right habit, a character development is necessary because character is the state of the soul which initiates all physical actions. A good character will produce virtuous actions while a bad character will produce vices. Thus programme for the improvement of the work ethics, corporate culture, and the like, which obviously has direct relationships with values, attitudes of the employees etc are important. What is most important is the proper development of the soul which has direct concern with feelings, passion, attitude, likes and dislikes, dedication, commitment, love, hate, anger patience, etc.. (Syed Othman, Syed Omar, Nik Mustapha and Aidit, 1998). This is the reason why religious beliefs play an important role through their direct influence on the soul to produce the morally upright and virtuous character.

Islamic approach to character building is basically two-fold; the obligatory duties for every individual muslim and supererogatory acts which are strongly encouraged to further purify the soul from all vices and beautify it with virtues.

Apart from performing the obligatory duties which is the five pillars of Islam, every Muslim is enjoined to seek the necessary knowledge and wealth in order to ensure he could perform the obligatory duties. Since the duties are incumbent on every individual Muslim, it implies that Islam has provided the sufficient basics for every Muslim to be of a noble character.

While the supererogatory acts are acts beyond the obligatory requirements. They are the...
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