The Influences of Islamic Culture Towards Architecture

Topics: Islamic architecture, Taj Mahal, Mosque Pages: 3 (679 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The Influences of Islamic Culture towards Architecture

I. Introduction

Islamic architecture encompasses a wide range of both secular and religions style from the foundation of Islam to present day. Most of the building is influenced by Islamic element with variety of style in which are Persian style, Indo-Islamic style and Indonesian-Malay style.

II. Body
A. The first style of Islamic culture that influences the architecture is Persian style. 1. Persian style can be identified through the colour and material in making building. a) Persian prefers using paler sandstone and greystone based on Arabic buildings. b) Most of the buildings in Persian are built in bright colour. 2. Based on Persian History (Dr. Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, n.d), in the Seljuq era, the first mosque construction appears under the Iranian plan. Some of the decorations of the mosque are refer to Syrian style. a) From the mosque construction, Iranian plan refer to the structure of the building that consist of Iranian element while Syrian style refer to the decoration of the exterior and interior of the mosque. b) Seljuq architecture synthesized several of style between Iranian and Syrian until causing problem in determines whether it is more to Iranian or Syrian. 3. Another Islamic architecture trend to arise in the Seljuq era is the development of mosque including the Tomb Tower such as Gunbad-i-qabus that show Zoroastrian motif which belong to Syrian style. 4. Persian is one of beautiful country that has beautiful decoration, arts and designs. The decoration of Persian which includes Iranian style and Syrian style has made the country unique and attractive. B. The second style of Islamic culture that influenced architecture is Indo-Islamic style. 1. Indo-Islamic style consists of colourful tiles that covered the exterior and interior parts of the domes. a) The main colur of the domes is blue....
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