The Importance of Organ Donation

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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For many doctors, nurses, and the general public; the term life support calls up the image of a ventilator. However, there are many types of life support -one of them is organ transplanting. As with any other type of life support, organ transplantation comes with its share of problems.

Today, science has made improvement in the field of transplantation to the point that most transplant operations are considered low risked operations. The success rate is high for kidney, liver, cornea and even heart and lung transplants. However, more then 5,000 patients die each year in the United States not because of scientific reasons but because of social prejudices when it comes to organ donation. In United States, most of the people are in favor of organ donation, but only a small amount actually ends up donating their organs when they can. There are not near enough organs to meet the demand, which means an average of 16 patients die every day from what could have been a curable disease.

Most people do not dwell on the possibility of dying, so they do not take the time to discuss with their family their feelings about organ donation. Then when the time comes for the family to make a decision, many are not sure what to do. They can not stand the thought of someone using their loved ones body and so they decide not to donate. One of the main problems with donation is that it requires two people, the donor and their family member. The donor must talk with their family member about their feelings on donation and the family member must decide to respect those feelings when the time comes to make the decision. If this process is not done and most of the time it is not, then nobody gets to use the organs.

When we can save the lives of so many people with organ donation, it seems selfish not to donate organs. However, what I'm trying to do is not convincing everyone on donating their organs but simly raise a little awareness about organ donation.
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