The Impacts of Improper Solid Waste Management to Our Environment

Topics: Waste management, Recycling, Waste Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: July 10, 2012
The most apparent environmental issue we literally see everyday is the problem on solid waste management. Obviously, we can see piles of garbage around every corner of the streets; litters are scattered almost everywhere from your very own house, as you ride the jeep, and even until you reach the university. Now, you see what i mean? Unfortunately, improper solid waste management is one of the causes why we are suffering from different natural catastrophes such as rampant flooding and dying rivers and lakes.

We better start off with the “garbage” talk. According to Gregorio Santos Jr., a senior science research specialist who works in DENR, do you know that the average solid waste generation is 0.56 kg/day for every person? Imagine, in the next 30 years in metro manila alone, we can generate about 230 million cubic meters of solid wastes, an amount that equates to a knee-deep layer of waste over the entire metropolis which is about 630 square kilometers. It can even fill the country’s largest shopping mall for over 175 times. And for the same thirty (30) years we can generate about 70 million tons of solid waste, in which the collection of these wastes will require a line of waste trucks going three times around the earth and over half way to the moon and at a cost of over PHP 100 billion or $ 1.9 billion. distressing as it is, DENR statistics shows that only 10 of these solid wastes are being recycled and composted while the remaining 90 % either go to the dumpsites, rivers, streets or backyards.

With this massive solid waste generation, it undeniably causes rampant flooding. Important constituents of solid waste which contributes to floods are the plastic carrier bags. These solid materials slowly enter into the drainage system clogging the drainage canals and outlets. Take for an example the tragic case of typhoon Ondoy whose damage cost reached a conservative estimation of the NDCC amounting to PHP 10.45 billion in infrastructure and agriculture only....
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