The Harbour Grand Café Marketing Pan

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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In this essay, the target restaurant will be The Harbour Grand Café of the Harbour Grand Hong Kong. When it comes to the marketing channel, promotion will be first thinking of. Since promotion is a good market program, it strengthens good communication with customers. They can gain the updated information about the company from the promotion items.

First, the online promotion items will be analyzed. To respond to the increasing demand for hotel e-business, many hotels have created websites to promote their services, and finally obtain a share of this new online market (Weeks and Crouch, 1999; Morrison et al., 1999). The official websites of the Harbour Grand Café not only provide information for visitors to view like an introduction, the opening hours and the price. (Reference list *4) Beside the basic information is provided, the site also provides the coupon and allow visitors to enjoy special discount like 15% off for buffet if they print out the coupon. (Reference list *5). Furthermore, the website also shows a list of dining offer like birthday and birthday cake offer and Easter special offers. (Reference list *6).

Setting up a website is an effective and efficient way for the restaurant to promote itself. It plays an important role in mediating between customers and the restaurant as a channel for information acquisition and business transactions. This well-designed websites can help increase sales volume and improve the reputation of the restaurant. The customers would ultimately reward a company as the site can provide valuable services that benefit them. Law (2000) argues that it eliminates the unequal barriers between customers and suppliers. As a result, hotels with different backgrounds can compete with each other equally.

However, there is a defect that the restaurant does not attach their food list to the website, since the customers may want to know what they eat during the buffet, for example, does the restaurant provide oysters and...
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