The Great Gatsby General Notes

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Notes Great Gatsby

Planned 1922
Written 1924
Revised 1925
Published 1926

Chapter 1
p. 1 Nick doesn’t want to make judgments
critical, harsh judgements about Myrtle p.28, Catherine p.32 avoids making moral judgments for example – tom racist p.18 * tom having an affair p.20
* tom beats Myrtle p.39
Nick is unreliable narrator, not always honest p.24 didn’t tell his girlfriend he was leaving p.10 life with ambition is much easier, Gatsby has one thing to do West Egg less fashionable

p.11 East Egg fashionable Tom, Daisy, old money
Tom and Daisy drifting (p.12 “ tom would drift on forever seeking”) p.9 GEGENSATZ: Nick working in finance selling bonds p. 15, quite steady, not enough money to drift, but well-off

Tom nothing to do (when Gatsby introduces him at a party, the polo player known for his Hobby)
p.11 Gatsby’s house is imitation, pretends to be old house p.12 TOM: supercilious(snobbish)
description of Tom by Nick subjective, although p.1 reserving judgements Nick judges him by his appearance arrogant eyes, hard mouth
adjectives: sturdy(robust), hard, arrogant, supercilious, aggressively, enormous power, cruel body
p.14 restless people don’t do anything, Daisy can’t get up, Jordan didn’t even move description of Daisy low, thrilling voice, bright eyes, bright passionate mouth p.15 Daisy suggests action, doesn’t happen –go back, they don’t go back -see the baby, he doesn’t see her p.15 Jordan talks for the first time

p. 16 description of Jordan quite good-looking, charming, discontented face she remarked contemptuously(verächtlich) about West Egg (nick) p.17 Daisy can’t do anything “What do people plan?” problem with decision-making later problem Gatsby-Tom

Daisy knows about Tom’s affair doesn’t do anything about it p.18 Tom racist, physically tough
p.20 Tom has an affair, Jordan tries to overhear conversation p.24 Nick had a girlfriend was too poor to go further
p.25 Gatsby first time looking at green light, trembling odd, unknowable behaviour mysterious

Chapter 2
p.26 Eckleburg’s eyes blue and gigantic symbolism e.g. for George God p.28 T. talks with mistress while husband is there –arrogant, incentive soft, coarse voice according to Nick
p.28 tom treats Myrtle very badly –commanding
-she isn’t allowed to sit next to him on the train p.29 George is stupid doesn’t get Tom-Myrtle
parties of West/East Egg originate rubbish Valley of Ashes (downside of this society) p.32 Tom not very tactful apartment T. and M. disappear in bedroom while guests are there p.36 Nick shocked by elaborateness(complex) of the lie but not shocked by things above p.39 Tom beats Myrtle, violent

Chapter 3
p.41 massiv expenses by Gatsby (fruits, Rolls Royce, servants, orchestra), party preparation p.43 first time Nick comes to a party (invited)
p.44 Nick meets Jordan at the party, getting closer
p.45 dress expensive by Gatsby as an excuse for some lady
rumours about Gatsby: killed a man, german spy
p.46 crazy man in library
p.49 Nick meets Gatsby, description of Gatsby
p.51-53 Gatsby talks to Jordan secretly
p.54 2nd conversation Gatsby, he is busy, phone Philadelphia p.55-56 car accident, library man involved
p.57 Nick had affair, left her cause brother started staring at him Nick watches attractive women, imagines things, but doesn’t do anything, doesn’t want to get involved

Chapter 4
p.60/61 guest list: large numbers of important guests, fairly well-known people p.63-65 Gatsby tells sth. about himself: son of wealthy people Middle West, educated Oxford Nick doubts it, switches from positive to sth. wrong What part of...
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