The Glasgow Effect

Topics: Death, Demography, Epidemiology Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: May 29, 2012
The term Glasgow effect is used to describe higher levels of mortality and poor health due to socioeconomic circumstances.

“The Glasgow Effect” was a publication issued in November 2010 by The Scottish Health Survey. The aim of the survey was to examine whether ill-health of population of Greater Glasgow and Clyde was associated with socio-economic conditions, behavioural, biological and other health-related risk factors with comparison to other parts of Scotland as well as Manchester and Liverpool.

The research states that Scotland has the highest rate of mortality in western Europe within working age population since 1970’s therefore similar English cities were compared (Manchester and Liverpool.) It was found that despite cities profile similarities such as high level of deprivation, the premature death rate in Glasgow was far higher (30%) and total death rate higher by 15%. Premature deaths mainly caused by drug abuse and excess alcohol drinking were far higher in Glasgow area despite Manchester having a similar pattern of behaviour. After taking into account the expected socio-economic circumstances for each area, Glasgow appeared to have far higher levels of long standing illness, acute sickness and psychological morbidity. Elevated rates of alcohol consumption coupled with excessive drug usage result in higher mortality rates from cancer, specifically lung cancer, chronic liver disease and mental and behavioral disorders. Obesity and diabetes are equivalent to the expected socio-economic outcomes of the area, poor diet, specifically low in fresh vegetable and fruit consumption is also a major contributing factor. These factors are more likely to affect men from the age of 45-64, with no qualifications, economically inactive and living in the most deprived areas. Moreover one born in Glasgow is more likely to suffer from behavioural problems, self harm, attempt suicide, act more violently and experience high level of anxiety. These are additional...
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