The Giver Essay

Topics: Eye, Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: March 18, 2013
A portrait is a painting, drawing, photograph or engraving of someone.
Sfumato –The technique of allowing tones and shade gradually into one and another, producing softened outlines or hazy forms
* Sfumato
* Layers of transparent colours
* Aerial perspective
* Tones
* Textures (gauzy veil)
* No borders, lines
* Upside down egg for face
* Draw a vertical and horizontal line to cut the face in quarters * Draw top half eyes on horizontal line
* Draw bottom half of eyes
* Draw iris, pupil and tear duct
* Draw eye lid and eye lash
* Draw eye brows
* Draw nose between centre of eyes and tip of chin
* Centre of mouth located one third of the end of the nose, centre straight below inbetween eyes. * Ears are placed at each side of the face pn an imaginary vertical line between the centre f the eyes and the tip of the nose. Carefully draw a curved line on either side of the face between these two points to indicate the ears.

Renaissance - the revival of art, literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th-16th century.
Duke of urbino – emphasising power, no attempt to hide ugliness
Brush and ink.
Distorted by emphasising mood and a lot of time removing noses
The scream is displaying a terrified man getting trailed yet feeling isolated and separated.
Straight lines create depth and distance. Curves create anguish and messiness of life
The colours represent the artist’s feelings. Blood red represents feared and anger
Blue – cold and sadness
Sadness, grief, loneliness, deep depression is all available to be seen in the painting.
Matisse – vast in scale, lush and rigorous colours. His cutouts are among the most admired and influenced works of matisse’s career. Use to speak his mined. Blue Nude was one of many.
Guernica is about desperate painful times in...
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