The Forest People

Topics: Culture, Anthropology, Sociology Pages: 4 (733 words) Published: March 3, 2013

* Anthropological “levels” of analysis
1. Micro-level analysis:
* Individual to individual, face to face, smallest unit
* “Primary relation”, intimate, ends in itself
* Actions, relations within larger organization
2. Macro-level analysis:
* Large scale, impersonal, subjects don’t appear
* Historical, cultural, epochal, institutional
* May be called “structural analysis”

* Culture
1. Book Definition:
* A system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, and artifacts that the members of a society, use to cope with one another and with their world and that are transmitted from generation to generation through learning. 2. Notes:

* Leaned, shared, behavior
* Not biological or inherited
* Its not fixed, rigid, “given” (pure construction)
* Like a blueprint or a map, makes our existence possible; anticipated, a “genetic”, expected, a priori, necessarily existing condition which must be present for us to create a world * It is what we “swim” in; we cant live without it

* Parts of Culture
1. Material Culture (what we appropriate):
* The physical objects transformed by human laboring activity * Material culture (something we’ve created)
2. Non-Material Culture (what we grasp):
* Representational (symbols, signs)
* Values (shoulds, oughts, duties)
* Beliefs (notions of what exists)

* How Are Those Parts Organized?
1. Material Culture:
* How is it distributed? Arranged? What goes where?
* Put together following a shared series of rules
* Culture imposes physical and meaningful order upon things, how do you organize your stuff? * By substance, utility, etc.
2. Non-Material Culture:
* More formal Less formal


Customs & Tradition

Assumptive Rules

* What Are Cultures Functions?
* Our major of adaptation, culture makes our existence possible when we have no instincts or...
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