The Enchanted Castle

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Gerald, Jimmy and Kathleen were at school in a little town in the west of England-the boys at one school and the girl at another. They used to see each other on Saturdays and Sundays at the house of a kind maiden lady named Miss Hervey. As the holidays were fast approaching, they decided to go home instead of being at the house of Miss Hervey. After a lot of letters and telegrams, it was arranged that the boys would go and stay at their sister Kathleen’s school where there were no girls left and no mistresses except the French one. With the permission of the French governess, they decided to go out in the woods for some outdoor games. They went along the Salisbury road and they came to a place where the road went two ways at once. Gerald noticed a cave behind the bushes. They walked through the darkness of the cave. As they reached the other end of the cave, there came a glimmer of daylight and they noticed a castle. They couldn’t find anyone outside the castle. Then they noticed a sleeping princess at the centre of a maze. She had jeweled rings on every finger. Considering her to be like the sleeping beauty Jimmy kissed on the princess’s pale cheek. Immediately she opened the eyes and wondered who aroused her from her long sleep of hundred years. She told it was an enchanted castle. She invited them to a room in the castle and told them that it was her treasure chamber. She even showed them some magical things like a bracelet, brooch and a ring. The ring was magical in the sense that it granted the wishes of a person who wore it. When the princess wore the ring, she became invisible and the jewels vanished. They started playing. Afterwards when the princess tried to remove the ring, she couldn’t and she started crying. Then she revealed the truth to them that she was not a princess but just the housekeeper’s niece, Mabel Prowse. As they were scared to continue in the castle, they went back taking Mabel with them. Next day, Mabel...