The Economy Og Teduray Indigenous Peoples

Topics: Islam, Agriculture, Shifting cultivation Pages: 4 (1063 words) Published: January 23, 2013

The economy of Teduray is agriculturally based. Farming is their basic means of livelihood. Their other subsistence are fishing, hunting and mini handicraft production. Most of the farmers still practice swidden cultivation or slash-and-burn (kaingin) in farming. Thus, most of them get marginal production which is not enough to cater the wants and needs of their families.

Planting star is one of the traditions still practiced by the Tedurays. This is observed during the months of December to January, which is the period for upland farming. The signal for the farmers to start farming is the visibility of the planting star. To a fenuwo where the first rice field to be planted, the spiritual leader performs the ritual planting prayers assisted by four Fintailans at the bagong/tudaor center of the farms. After performing the rituals, the palays seeds are disseminated to the women planters with a spokesman giving the signal to start planting.


Tedurays still practice and observe these following traditional ways of life:

In the courtship and marriage among the Teduray, the parental wish is obeyed. The mother of the man leads the search for the kenogon. Even the grandparents of the man help in this arrangement by seeking help on relatives to search for a suitable wife. After some careful background checks on the woman, the man’s side then sends out a spokesman to meet with the woman’s parents and relatives and duly offers the tising, a marriage contract. If the woman’s parents accept the tising, within a week, they will send their own spokesman with the bantingan over to the future groom’s house. A person between each side will then state the amount of flasa for the marriage of the woman.

  Another one is Tudon or sumbaken, which means baptismal. This is officiated by the Tribal Chieftain as assisted by two pairs of kefeduwans and Fintailans spokesmen for both grandparents. If the child is a boy, the...
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