The Economy and Everyday Life

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After reading Chapter 1, my eyes have been opened to a study of human communication that is virtually open-ended. The idea everyone has different perspectives and sees the world differently based on their specific situation in life is hard to wrap my mind around. I can see how I walk through my life as an “everyday actor”. I see things from my point of view, which has been shaped by my personal hardships, challenges, triumphs, experiences and how these things have affected me. Rarely do I stop to consider why someone else may not agree with me or would do something differently or why their perception of a given situation may be different than my own. I like the idea that I perceive things in my own unique way based on my specific experiences and situation in life.

To look at something with a macro-level perspective is to study society by looking at a large-scale social structure in order to determine how it affects the lives of groups and individuals. The opposite of which is micro-level perspective. This perspective concentrates on the interactions of individuals and how those interactions create larger patterns. I would like to discuss how the recent economic crisis has affected my life.

The economy has impacted me on many levels. It has changed the way I shop, what I do for entertainment and most importantly, my recent decision to quit my job and go back to school. Inflation has changed my shopping habits everywhere from the gas station to the grocery store. Grocery shopping used to be something I didn’t put much thought into. If my family needed something, I would jump in the car and go out to get it. Most days I would stop at the store on the way home from work and pick up just what we needed for that night’s dinner. Things are dramatically different now. Recently, my fiancé and I have begun meal planning for the week to cut down on our grocery bill and eliminate the multiple unnecessary (and expensive) trips to the store.

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