The Dolls That Nobody Wanted (Script)

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Japanese Doll: Oh!
Boxing Doll: What’s the matter?
Japanese Doll: I’m awake!
Boxing Doll: Of course, you’re awake! It’s midnight!
Japanese Doll: Midnight!
Boxing Doll: All dolls wake up at midnight!
Japanese Doll: Do they?
Boxing Doll: Everybody knows that!
Japanese Doll: Will… will they wake
up, too?
Boxing Doll: Look. They are dolls aren’t they?

And it is midnight, isn’t it?
And I told you before – all dolls wake up at midnight!
Japanese Doll: Oh!

Thank you.

Boxing Doll moves a little, stretches, yawns, flexes his muscles began to shadowbox.


Not understanding
Loud, slow, clear, trying to be patient with her

Looking at the others

Losing his patience
Japanese Doll nods in fright

Japanese Doll continues to nod
Pause, she is all the more frightened because the Boxing Doll talked loud at her.


Boxing Doll: I’m Sorry!
Japanese Doll: Sorry?
Boxing Doll: For hollering. You wouldn’t know because you’re new. Japanese Doll: I was only made today.
Boxing Doll: You’re pretty!
Japanese Doll: Am I, Am I really pretty?
Boxing Doll: I think you’re beautiful! Maybe
somebody will buy you.

Japanese Doll: Oh!
Boxing Doll: I don’t see why somebody didn’t buy you today. The shop was full; everybody wanted dolls. Why didn’t somebody buy you? Japanese Doll: Is it good to be bought?
Boxing Doll: Yes!
Japanese Doll: Why?
Boxing Doll: It’s the best thing that could ever happen to a doll − to be bought, to be brought home; to be owned by somebody, to be loved. Japanese Doll: How do you know?
Boxing Doll: Never mind. I know.

Japanese Doll: Did somebody buy you?
Boxing Doll: Yes.
Japanese Doll: Then why are you here in the
toy shop?
Boxing Doll: They…. they brought me back.
Japanese Doll: Oh! Please don’t cry!

Boxing Doll: I’m not crying! Boxing dolls never cry!
Japanese Doll: Who bought you?
Boxing Doll: A man…a real big man. He was always laughing. He came into the shop,right through that door and he looked at the baby dolls, and said “No!” Then looked at the soldier dolls and said “Maybe” Then he looked at me and said “Yes, sir! This is the one!” and he picked me right up! Japanese Doll: Did he like you?

Boxing Doll: He put me on the counter and he said to the toymaker, “I like this one. Does he box?” Japanese Doll: Do you box?

Japanese Dolls smiles and is not afraid anymore.

Walking around her
Sober judgment. This is too much for Japanese Doll. She looks down blushes.


With emotion

Brushing away his tears, because a boxing doll should never cry Guessing

This is the worst shame for any doll
Touched. She puts her hand on his shoulder.
Boxing doll is crying
Ashamed, angry

Remembering his days of glory


Breathless with excitement

Boxing Doll: Sure, I box! The toymaker wound me up, and I worked out, right there on the counter! And when he saw me working out, the big man laughed and slapped his knee and said, “That’s exactly what I want! I’ll take five of those! I want a boxing stable for my little boy.” Japanese Doll: A stable?

Boxing Doll: That’s what you call when a man owns many boxers. Japanese Doll: Oh!
Boxing Doll: So he took me home!
Japanese Doll: Right then?
Boxing Doll: Right then! He said to the toymaker: “You can send the other four, but I’ll carry this one!” And he brought me to his office! Japanese Doll: Ooooh!
Boxing Doll: I worked out for all the men. They stood me on the floor and I worked out. Japanese Doll: Did they like you?
Boxing Doll: Everybody liked me! And that night he took me home, and he showed me to his wife, at night, after the little boy was in bed. I was a secret! Japanese Doll: Why secret?
Boxing Doll: I was a Christmas present!
Japanese Doll: Oh!
Boxing Doll: Then they put me in a big drawer, with many other beautiful presents, but I was the only doll! Japanese Doll: How nice!
Boxing Doll:...
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