The Difference Between Chinese Cusine and the Western Countres

Topics: Nutrition, Culture, American Chinese cuisine Pages: 19 (7085 words) Published: April 27, 2013

This thesis explores the differences between Chinese and Western dietary culture. In the complex world culture spin, the dietary culture plays an extremely important role in the world culture. The differences between Chinese and Western culture created the differences between Chinese and Western dietary culture. Different countries have their own dietary cultural. Traditional Chinese culture is agricultural culture and land culture, while traditional western culture is animal husbandry culture and ocean culture. These two kinds of cultures reflect diverse life styles in which food is the most representative aspect. In variously cultural contexts, whether it is in concept, objects, kitchen ware, or tableware, these differences are obvious. But as development of the communication and integration of the international, Chinese and western dietary culture will be developed in common communication. This will play a significant role to promote the communication of culture in the world.


Diet is not only the premise of social development, but also the paramount material base for human to survive with good health condition. In the early stage of barbarism, like other animals, looking for food to survive is just the instinct for human beings. But when man began to use fire to cook food and they entered the age of civilization, especially the time of cooking with the pottery, the food became the creation made by the human own wisdom and their technology. Then there is the essential difference in diet between human beings and animals that the diet has its cultural nature. Thus the history of human diet is to be this kind of history that human adapt to nature, conquer and reform nature to survive and develop in the nature, and the human dietary culture gradually comes into being in the course of this progress. As an important part of human culture, the dietary culture has a generalized meaning and a narrowed meaning. This thesis discuss the dietary culture in this narrow sense which is the total of material wealth and spirit wealth created and accumulated in the long-term progress of food consumption, and it is the knowledge about what to eat, how to eat and why to eat, including dietary object, dietary tableware and so on.

China has profound cultural heritage of dietary culture and diet play a foremost role in people’s daily life so that dietary culture take a huge proportion in Chinese culture. Facing the dietary culture from other countries, we should accept or reject them based on ourselves condition. We can’t only chase for enjoyment in taste, because it is harmful to our physical health if we eat too much foreign food which is belong to the high calories food. However, it is obvious that we shouldn’t aimlessly reject all the new objects. Under the influence of entering the WTO and globalization, the international connection has become closer and closer so that the collision and fusion in the dietary culture always happen between Chinese and westerners. Granted, it takes a long time for two different cultures to merge and coexist and there must be an aspect that both sides can’t adapt to each other. If this phenomenon occurs, we should try our best to understand, respect and tolerate another culture in right manner.

A new kind of concept called Fusion Food has another name that is Global Cuisine and it has been popular in the fashionable diet circle in international cities, such as Paris, New York, London, Sydney. Now it is starting to come into China. The connotation of this Fusion Food is to merge the raw material, condiment and cooking skills together in a creative way from countries all over the world. Besides, it introduces the exoticism to the native diet by takes doctrine to discard the dross and select the essential. It is a cooking revolution flagged with fusion. Through the fusion of gourmet food, the thing it brings is not just the food, is more like the enjoyment of a variety...
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