The Dark City Quiz

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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VCD 179

Dark City*

Choose ONE of the following questions, and respond accordingly.

You should write up at least a few paragraphs. Try to organize the writing in a logical, unified way. Start with an introduction that states your main idea(s); then, present your interpretation/answer—with supporting evidence from the movie—and a conclusion that repeats your main idea.

1. One of the main concepts behind Dark City is the idea of confinement (being stuck) in a changing environment. Discuss how this situation creates a ‘dangerous’ environment for the main character. How is this reflected in the movie? Give examples and discuss how the main character gets out of danger. (Consider, for example, physical, emotional, psychological threats/dangers.)

2. In Dark City, the protagonist (the main character), John Murdoch, is unsure of his identity…but he finds clues that reveal who he is. What has happened to his identity? Who is he really? How does he deal with his loss and the eventual recovery of his identity? How does memory define or not define identity?

3. Dark City follows the concept of time in a unique way. Discuss how it is presented. How does the film show struggle (or conflict) with time? (Use evidence/examples…consider night versus day; and/or, time moving yet standing still; and/or ‘repetition.’)

4. The image and concept of circles and spirals comes up in the movie in many ways (as visuals, as psychological meaning, as chronological representation, etc.). Provide examples from the movie regarding these powerful symbols and what they mean in those various ways and contexts.

5. In your opinion, what is the impact/effect/purpose of the neo-noir setting (the style, the clothing, buildings and cars, even the music, etc.--very much like the 1940/50s)? Why have the aliens (and thus the director and/or screenwriter) chosen to create such a setting of place and time? Why use an ‘older’ era’s atmosphere for a science fiction...
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