The Catcher in Rye Questions

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Chapter 7
1. Discuss the significance of, "I felt so lonesome all of a sudden. I almost wished I was dead." (p.51) No one understands him, and he keeps thinking about Jane and he realizes that’s he doesn’t have any real friends 2. Why is Holden so upset about Stradlater's date with Jane? (p. 52-53) Because he likes her, and doesn’t like Stradleter -> he knows what kind of guy he is 3. What does Holden think about doing with his life? Joining a monastery 4. What does he decide he will actually do? (p. 54-55) Why does he decide this? He goes to NYC until Wednesday and plans on returning home when his parents has discussed it. It’s easier for him to escape and avoid the conflict instead of facing it. 5. What is his final gesture before leaving school? He yells really loud, so probably everyone can hear it. 6. Just as he about to leave, what happens to him? Holden slips in some peanuts Chapter 8

In this chapter Holden takes a train to New York
1. What is Holden's reaction to the lady who gets on the train? (p. 57-58) He is really nice to her, but he only tells her lies. He thinks she is beautiful 2. Who is Ernest Morrow and what is he like? Ernest Morrow is very annoying and always slaps every with his towel 3. What does Holden tell Mrs. Morrow about her son? (p. 59) Why do you think he does this? He tells her that Ernest is the most popular boy on campus, and that he would have become class president if he had let the others boys nominate him. He lies, because he wants her company and wants her to like him. It easier for him to hide behind this surface. 4. What lie does Holden tell Mrs. Morrow as the chapter ends? He tells her that he has a brain tumor and he is going to NYC to get surgery. 5. Holden hate phonies. Since he lies so much in this chapter, would you say that he too is a phony? Explain He is definitely a phony, he lies, afraid of conflicts, a coward, hides under a surface, keeps criticizing every one Chapter 9

1. Who is Sally Hayes? Why doesn't...
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