The Business Model

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The Business Model

* Based on your reading of Chapter 4 from the Hess book, "An Elevator-Pitch Business Model," and the "Why Business Models Matter" article, complete the following:

a. Write a concise two-sentence "elevator pitch" customer value proposition for your real-world business. (You can use the examples in the Hess book as a guide.)

We will offer services to assist customers acquire any type of property to be used in any kind of way that is responsible to the needs of all parties and governments. Delivering exceptional results by constantly improving on service and processes, being accountable for culture, a winner’s intensity, and innovation that endears a strong service ethic.

b. Then, incorporating your elevator pitch, expand it to a full but still crisp business model description, or "story," as Magretta refers to it.

Establishing a business to satisfy the needs of a community or region through the practice of ethical behavior and providing individuals or business that desire to acquire property locally or globally quality in service and process through the transaction process. We offer services to the acquisition of any type of property to be used in any kind of way that is responsible to the needs of all parties and governments

Uncontested Market Space Strategy—First Pass

Hamel and Prahalad (2005) write, "The strategist's goal is not to find a niche within the existing industry space but to create new space that is uniquely suited to the company's own strengths—space that is off the map." Based on your reading of the articles "Value Innovation: A Leap into the Blue Ocean" and "Strategic Intent," in two paragraphs, apply the thoughts of the authors and describe how your real-world business attempts (or will attempt) to create new competitive "uncontested market" spaces, and what the primary challenges to such a strategy are or will be. Be specific.

Strategic intent will be to grow the...
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