The Bean Trees= Focus on the Issues

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Disability, South America Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: December 12, 2011
1. Single Parenting, Singer Jamelia: Why do we still vilify single mothers?, people look down upon single mothers, but they are really strong enough to raise children by themselves. People who are single, are susually widowed, divorced, or never married. The kids raisied by single mothers always wish they had a father but end up being perfectly well off since they were raised by a single mother. pg. 185 “ When I was a child I had a set of paper dolls. THey were called the Family of Dolls, and each one had a name written on the cardboard base under the feet. Talyor dreamed of being in this family that included a dad and a brother. Having been raised by a single parent she never had these experiences.

2. Immigration Laws, The Real Problem with Immigration... and the Real Solution, Tim Kane & Kirk Johnson. The main problem with immigration is that the people coming here are taking from the economic security of the country. If also makes our boarders so open that terrorist things can happen easily. pg. 254 “ We were stopped by Immigration about a hundred miles this side of the New Mexico border. Mattie had warned me of the possibility and we had all prepared for it as best as we could” Taylor and the gang, all passed through immigration without any serious problems, so therefore the boarder is not that secure.

3. Native American Concerns, Longest Walk Emphasizes Native American Concerns, Askia Muhammad. Native Americans want to protect their holy lands and to green the earth so that we can all live here. They basicly want to protect the earth and they tribal grounds, and heritage. The native american tell storeis to protect their heritage. pg 144 “ There is a SOuth American, wild indian story about heaven and hell.

4. Hardships of the homeless and/or...
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