The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

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The Black Eye of the Month Club

1. He is bullied a lot by his classmates. He has been unfortunate because of his 'water in the brain'. His family thinks that his problems are funny and they don't really think much about him. He was born into a poor family and had a very unusual condition and he is disadvantaged. He has multiple physical problems and he nearly died. The fact that he survives, show us that he is strong and determined.

2. They are biased and irresponsible for their customers. They think that Indians don't feel as much pain as other races do. They put money and time first instead of the health of the patients. 'Our white dentist believed that Indians only felt half as much pain as white people did, so he only gave us half the Novocain.'

3. They think that Junior is weird and they alienate him because of his appearance and his personality. They don't treat him well or equal like others. The children call him Orbit because of his big head. He calls himself a pencil because of his big hands big feet and pencil body.

4. He likes drawing a lot because he thinks that words can't describe anything. He thinks that drawing can be used to communicate between different languages and that everyone can understand it. He likes to draw for Rowdy. 'I draw because words are too unpredictable. I draw because words are too limited.' and 'but when you draw a picture, everybody can understand it.'

5. He wants to become an artist, rich and famous. He wants to earn money somewhere out of the reservation.

Why Chicken means so much to me

1. Junior's family is poor and they sometimes starve for a long time. So when they have chicken, he worships the chicken (turning the chicken into a religious icon).

2. He thinks that hunger is not the worst thing about being poor. 'Poverty = empty refrigerator + empty stomach'. He says that in a weird way, being hungry makes food taste better. He draws a picture of 'The Shroud of Kentucky Fried'.

3. Oscar gets sick and he dies. Junior is sad because the dog was the only living thing that he could've depended on. He wanted to take Oscar to the vet but because the family was too poor they weren't able to save him. The father got out his rifle and bullets and he shot the dog. 'A bullet only costs about two cents, and anybody can afford that.' shows that Junior is very bitter about the fact that they are poor and that they can't save him.

4. Junior's father is a drunken man and he spends money on drinking. When Junior wants his father to drive him to school, the father can't because there wasn't enough money for petrol. The father is good at music. Junior's mother is kind to Junior and is more responsible. She takes care of Junior but isn't the type to be totally depended on. They both had dreams but they didn't come true because they were poor.

5. Junior says that his father's dream was to be a musician in a band playing the saxophone. He wants to have the shoes of Miles Davis because he wants to look cool. His mother would have wanted to be a community college teacher and look smart in a suit and a smart haircut.

Revenge is My Middle Name

1. Rowdy is his best friend and Junior's Guardian Angel. His father beats him up all the time because the father is a drunk and hits Rowdy and his mother all the time. The two of them are always walking around with bruised faces. Junior looks for the silver lining. He thinks that Rowdy is more unfortunate than he is and that he is lucky. His mother and father are drunks too but they never hit him, they yell at him but he has never been spanked.

2. Junior doesn't want to go to the annual powwow because he thinks that the Indians there would bully him and he would get hurt. He is different from the others so he is a target, he is also weak and he can't stand up for himself.

3. Rowdy is Junior's best friend and Junior is Rowdy's only friend. Rowdy stands up for Junior as he is always being bullied. Junior draws pictures for...
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