The 5 Positive Outcomes for Children and Young People

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  • Published : February 13, 2013
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The five positive outcomes for children and young people.
1. Being healthy - this outcome deals with the extent to which providers contribute to the development of healthy lifestyles in children. Evidence will include ways in which providers promote the following: physical, mental, emotional and sexual health; participation in sport and exercise; healthy eating and the drinking of water; the ability to recognise and combat personal stress; having self-esteem; and the avoidance of drug taking including smoking and alcohol. There should also be assessment of the extent to which appropriate support is available for both students and staff to help achieve these positive outcomes. 2. Staying safe - this outcome is principally about the extent to which providers contribute to ensuring that ‘children’ stay safe from harm. Evidence includes complying with child protection legislation, undertaking CRB checks, protecting young people and vulnerable adults from bullying, harassment and other forms of maltreatment, discrimination, crime, anti-social behaviour, sexual exploitation, exposure to violence and other dangers. Ensuring that all relevant staff are appropriately trained. 3. Enjoying and achieving - this outcome includes attending and enjoying education and training, and the extent to which learners make progress with regard to their learning and their personal development. Evidence to evaluate this includes arrangements to assess and monitor learners’ progress, support learners with poor attendance and behaviour, and meet the needs of potentially underachieving groups. Also relevant will be the extent and effectiveness of the ‘enrichment’ of provision by promoting social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities. Learners’ views about the degree to which they enjoy their ‘learning life’ are taken into account here. 4. Making a positive contribution - this outcome includes the development of self-confidence and enterprising behaviour in learners, together with...
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