Texting While Driving: Is It Worth Dying?

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Texting While Driving: Is it worth Dying?
SP: After listening to my speech, I want my audience to be influenced by the dangers of Texting while driving. CP: By the end of my speech, I am going to tell you about the disadvantages and the risk factors Texting while Driving entails. [Let me begin by showing a few photographs and I will proceed with a few questions.] I.Attention

Can anyone identify what these teenagers have in common? They may all look alike, healthy, pretty we can say. I am going to tell you the one thing they have in common, they are all…DEAD. These pictures will not tell you that, although the Reason they are dead may paint a broader picture for you. They all died because they were Texting While Driving, as posted on www.momlogic.com, and you can refer to this site if you wish to know further. Some say they are good at multitasking but the truth is driving requires our overall attention, and multitasking is not something that should be done behind a steering wheel. How many of you are guilty and willing to admit to texting while driving? How many of you are aware of the dangers that TWD cause? You will be aware of these factors, as I proceed.

II. Need
A.Driving is complicated in itself; it not only requires your total attention, as I mentioned before it conveys the fact that you are not alone on the road and therefore have to always be on the look out for every thing that is moving around you, on the other hand texting is so popular in our times that it is being combined with driving. Deadly combinations as you have already seen. Teens can text a mile a minute, and most are aware of its dangers. All the more adults are also guilty of doing this. In a survey done by www.consumerreports.org they state, “Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood has called distracted driving a deadly epidemic.” So, if we all know it is dangerous then why is still being done? Why are so many people still dying needlessly?...
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