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Topics: Andy Warhol, Footwear, Shoe Pages: 3 (795 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Cinderella – Sketchbook & Final Piece Evaluation

For my theme, I decided to move away from the culture and journey aspect as I had just finished a topic on Africa, which I didn’t enjoy much. I decided to embark on fairytales. To start with I researched Aladdin, where I found images and drew Princess Jasmine, I then developed her hair barrel piece into a repeat pattern. I then thought that I couldn’t reach my full potential with this particular fairytale, so I moved onto Cinderella, as I found it more interesting.

To start my research off with Cinderella, I obtained a few images from the Internet and the ones, which stood out to me the most, was the carriage and the high-heeled shoe. I decided to sketch them on the next page. I developed my carriage by making a pom pom, which represents the wheel. I also used a gem styler to replicate the neckline on Cinderella’s blue dress.

I developed my shoes even further by producing a repeat pattern and doing some artist research on Christian Louboutin, which I enjoyed. I made an appliqué sample of the classic Louboutin shoe underneath heat-gunned organza. I then drew a shoe incorporating circles from my carriage, to develop my circle I used a range of techniques such as organza, bonda dot, glitter dots, polyprint, 3D liner and slashing. Another aspect of one Louboutin shoe was leopard print so I decided to create a felt sample, and draw some leopard print down the side of one page. I think this looked effective.

Another artist I decided to research was Jenny Packham as she was an iconic wedding dress designer and I wanted to look into dresses e.g. Cinderella’s ball gown. I created a beading sample and a lace one, which are techniques that she often uses.

I then moved on to Andy Warhol, as I thought I could look into mice as this links quite well to Cinderella. I used my carriage and then my own photography of shoes to create an Andy Warhol type image on the computer.

I then researched Rachel Hutchinson,...
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