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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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Testing – This service uses standardized psychological test to be administered, scored and objectively interpreted to students for awareness and realization of their potentials and interest and other factors.

Purpose of testing service
- to identify the student strength and weaknesses in order to give corrective measure for guidance and counseling services.
- to determine some specific indications of attitudes, conflicts, frustration and tensions.
- to identify the students present achievement as basis on effective motivation.

Activities to be undertaken:
- establish and implement admission policies
- Appraisal of entry requirement
- administer individual group tests
- analyze and interpret tests results
- conduct research using test results

Psychological Test available in the Center
1. Personality Test – This test is designed to yield information about a person’s characteristics, traits, behavior, attitude, opinions, and/or emotions.
2. Occupational Inventory – this test is designed to assist students in self-exploratory, vocational, expectation, and career development.
3. Aptitude Test – This test is designed to predict future performance in an academic curriculum area in a specialized vocational activity.
4. Intelligence Test – This test is designed to measure level of intelligence. 5. Achievement Test – This test is designed to measure a person’s previous learning in a specific academic area. It also referred to as Test of Knowledge.

6. Stress Profile – The stress profile provides data in areas related to stress and health risk and is based on the cognitive-transactional approach to stress and coping. 7. Diagnostic Test – An inventory for use of professionals who provide counseling services to college students. It provides measures of psychological distress, relationship conflict, low self-esteem and academic and career choice difficulties. 8. Work Values Scale – A tool which can be...
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